“Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.” (1 Peter 4:10, NRSV version)

Having been given so much by God and by those whom God inspires, we are called and celebrate the ability to give back to others in our communities and further afield. We recognize that each of us has unique gifts and experiences to share; and now more than ever, our communities are called to support each other in ever-diversifying ways.

We know that some are called to educate, to share their wisdom with others. Some are crafty or handy, able to take what God provides and create beautiful and practical goods. Others are skilled in the kitchen, have the gift of gab, or just feel inspired to help those around them. With the outreach and events that we are called to offer our communities, we would humbly and graciously accept any offer to assist.

If you or someone you know might want to help out at our upcoming events, or if there is an initiative you wish to help the congregations start or continue, please Contact Us. This could also include opportunities for high school students to get their community service hour requirements.

We thank you in advance, and look forward to serving alongside you.

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