Fifth Sunday after Epiphany – February 6th, 2022

Join us for worship this Sunday, led by Alex Jebson. Many thanks to all of the musicians who have contributed to the past recordings that we are enjoying today. As we celebrate God’s presence, we take some time to reflect on how God’s presence can help mend and tend to us in these times whereContinue reading “Fifth Sunday after Epiphany – February 6th, 2022”

Summer Joint Mission – The Healing Fund

In response to the uncovering of mass burial sites for children who passed away in the residential school system, and in response to the continued call for churches and communities to work towards reconciliation, our summer joint mission is a collection for The Healing Fund. “The Healing Fund, established in 1994, is a grant thatContinue reading “Summer Joint Mission – The Healing Fund”

Fourth after Epiphany – January 31st, 2021

Join us for worship this Sunday, led by Alex Jebson, under the musical direction of Katie Dockstader and Marilyn Scott. As we continue our journey through the epiphanies of Epiphany, today we explore a timely and integral aspect to God’s presence with us – God’s offering of healing to the individual and to communities. MayContinue reading “Fourth after Epiphany – January 31st, 2021”