Christmas and Epiphany Update

Greetings, all! The peace of our soon-to-arrive Saviour Jesus Christ be with you all. This is the letter that many of you don’t want to receive. Along with many of you, I have been watching the rising Covid numbers across the province and in our communities. There have been outbreaks at some of our nearbyContinue reading “Christmas and Epiphany Update”

Christmas Family Fun Time!

We invite you to join with us in an afternoon of festive fun for the whole family! Come share in song, crafts, snacks, stories, and more. This is open to all members and friends of the congregations, young and old! Sunday December 5th, 2021 – Blyth United Church (2:30-4:00 p.m.) Sunday December 12th, 2021 –Continue reading “Christmas Family Fun Time!”

Advent & Christmas 2021 Plans

Greetings, all! The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. While many of us might not be ready to think about the changing season and that dreaded “S” word (snow!), one thing that we are eagerly looking forward to is the upcoming Advent and Christmas season. Last year, we were able toContinue reading “Advent & Christmas 2021 Plans”

Second Sunday of Christmas – January 3rd, 2021

Join us for worship this Sunday, led by Alex Jebson, with musical contributions from members of both congregations. On this first Sunday in the new year, we will take part in a service of covenant renewal, inspired by the covenant service of John Wesley. We will reflect on how all-encompassing our relationship with God trulyContinue reading “Second Sunday of Christmas – January 3rd, 2021”

Hopes and Callings for a New Year

I am sure that many of your screens and timelines are filled with an endless supply of lists, messages, and memes about saying “Adios” to the garbage heap that has been 2020. And here is one more quick message to further clog up your day! I hope that this Christmastide has been a small respiteContinue reading “Hopes and Callings for a New Year”

First Sunday of Christmas – December 27th, 2020

Join us for worship this Sunday, led by Alex Jebson, with carol contributions from both Blyth and Brussels members. For this first Sunday in the season of Christmas, we offer a Lessons and Carols-style service, exploring the Christmas narrative and our part within it. We will do so using our beloved Nativity figures. You’re encouragedContinue reading “First Sunday of Christmas – December 27th, 2020”

Fourth Sunday of Advent – December 20th, 2020

Join us for worship this Sunday, led by Alex Jebson, under the musical direction of Glenda Morrison. Many thanks to all of those who participated in this service. In this final Sunday before Christmas, we explore what God’s promised presence means for how we understand and live out God’s love. We revel in the unanticipatedContinue reading “Fourth Sunday of Advent – December 20th, 2020”

Brussels Drive-By Live Nativity

As part of the Village of Brussels’ “Christmas Experience” on Saturday December 5th, Brussels United Church will be putting on a static Live Nativity. Families from Brussels United will be portraying beloved figures from the Christmas narrative, complete with live animals! The nativity will be set up at the old mill in Brussels (567 SportsContinue reading “Brussels Drive-By Live Nativity”

Huron County Christmas Bureau 2020

In the past, members from Brussels and Blyth United Churches have supported the Huron County Christmas Bureau with “white gifts”. However, this year, due to COVID 19 restrictions, the Christmas Bureau is accepting financial donations only, to be used for gift cards to help families in need buy toys and clothing gifts for their children.  Please make chequesContinue reading “Huron County Christmas Bureau 2020”