Our Churches

Blyth and Brussels United Churches are two separate congregations who are in collaborative ministry. They share the same minister and work together in some areas of ministries, while recognizing and celebrating their distinctness and presence in their local communities. A joint worship service takes place on the 5th Sunday of any month, followed by a meal together. Both congregations offer Sunday School and many outreach opportunities, and have accessible buildings in accordance with AODA standards and regulations.

Blyth and Brussels United Churches are both communities of faith within the United Church of Canada, the largest Protestant denomination in Canada, rooted in the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregationalist traditions. However, we welcome members, questioners, seekers, and doubters, eager to share with and learn from all. We strive to be an inclusive and safe space for all. Both churches fall under the administration of the Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council, one of 16 regional bodies that make up the United Church.

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