Our Ministers

Alex Jebson, BA (Hons), M.Div. – Student Minister (Supervised Ministry Education)

Hello, all! I am very much looking forward to serving you all and uplifting all of your varied ministries inspired by our loving God and spurred on in these unanticipated times by the Holy Spirit. A little about myself: I grew up on a dairy farm outside of Sunderland, Ontario (northeast of the GTA), with my home congregation being Trinity United in Cannington, Ontario. I was your pretty typical farm kid, involved in 4-H and curling. Through church and school, I also found my love of music and theatre, which have remained near and dear to my heart.

I did a brief stint in post-secondary studying voice performance, but withdrew from the program as I began to discern my calling from God. I did my undergrad at Trent University majoring in History and Classical Studies, and received my Masters of Divinity from Emmanuel College in Toronto this past May. I also somehow found time in the fall of 2019 to marry the love of my life, Jean-Luc. He is also very excited to be living in these communities and serving alongside you all. In fact, we can all give him our thanks for helping put this website together!

And so it is that your congregations have accepted my application to complete my Supervised Ministry Education, the final two-year step en-route to ordination, and potentially serving here beyond this current appointment. I am truly thankful that your communities of faith have felt inspired to provide guidance and learning to yet another student. I look forward to getting to know you all, serving and worshiping with you in physically-distant, but faithfully drawn in, ways. Thank you all again for the warm welcomes and help we have already received so far. The Peace of Christ be with you!

Sandra Cable – Volunteer Associate Minister

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