Global Covid Vaccine Project

            As we begin a new year, we are faced with the latest variant and wave of Covid. As congregations, it feels like we are back at square one – online services, ministries and meetings on hold, and visits with friends and congregants on hold. It also seems we’re taking two steps back in our wider community, with further restrictions and closures, and with those who are most vulnerable to isolation and loss of security in our communities at an even greater risk.

            Yet even though we seem back at square one, we come into this year with more knowledge and assurance of our call as disciples. We are called to follow health measures to protect those who are most vulnerable to Covid. We are called to check in on one another to ensure that community remains in times of distance. And we are called to advocate for the health and safety of others, near and far.

            We are now moved by the Spirit to live out this call of advocacy for others. The latest variants and calls from health and epidemiology experts makes it clear that the pandemic will not end until it ends for everyone. As long as vaccine access remains inequitable, there is a greater risk for further mutations of the virus. As of January 6th, more than 87.5% of eligible Canadians have had the first dose of a Covid vaccine, whereas that percentage for low-income nations in the Global South is only 8.8%, and only now just getting over 50% for lower-middle income nations.

            In this of this, Blyth and Brussels United Churches are teaming up for a Global Covid Vaccine Project. From now until Easter (April 17th), we will be collecting monetary donations to aid the United Church of Canada’s Covid Emergency Response. This response helps get people in the Global South vaccinated (with every $25 ensuring someone gets a full Covid vaccination), as well as assist with shelter, food, and medical care associated with the strain Covid has put on the regions.

            Donations can be sent along to either of the churches, or contact either the Blyth office (519-523-4224) or Brussels office (519-887-6259) for alternate arrangements:

  Blyth United Church P.O. Box 400 Blyth, ON N0K 1Z0    Brussels United Church P.O. Box 359 Brussels, ON N0G 1H0

Thank you in advance for your support. May we continue to care for our neighbours near and far. As we pray and wait for better days ahead, let us work alongside the Spirit to make this pandemic end for all. Blessings to you and yours!

Alex Jebson

Student Minister – Blyth and Brussels United Churches


Feature Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

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