June Joint Mission – Camp Menesetung Collection

As summer approaches and the warmth and sun touch our souls, many of us are reminded of times in the great outdoors, and the friends whom we share these memories with. Many of us might think of experiences at camps, and reflect on the many ministries that go on at camp. Many in our congregations in particular have fond memories and connections with Camp Menesetung, located north of Goderich.

Many of our camping ministries, including Camp Menesetung, struggled with the closures last summer, and have had to be flexible and patient with their plans this summer. Camp Menesetung will be revealing later this month what their ministry will look like this summer. In the meantime, as communities of faith, we are compelled to support our camp ministries and the youth in our communities however we can.

As such, our latest joint mission is a collection for Camp Menesetung. At this time, we are asking for financial offerings; this will ensure that the camp can purchase whatever personal protective equipment and other materials they may need for a modified camp experience.

You can send your offerings to the church treasurers directly, or to the churches. For more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to Alex!

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