Zoom Study of Psalms and Prayer

Here is yet another opportunity to stay connected and bolster one another’s faith during this time of lockdown.

Starting next week, our congregations are offering a study series based around the Psalms. We all love the 23rd Psalm, but this book of spiritual songs offers so much more, giving us words and faith to guide us through every part of our lives. Praise, lament, loneliness, hope – the Psalms can help guide us through all of them in faithful and meaningful ways.

We’ll be exploring the psalms through a few different individual spiritual practices, designed to give us some time and space to be with God at a time when we cannot be physically together.

This study is open to all, whether you are a member, community friend, or part of another congregation. We wish to explore and share with all who want to know more about the psalms and explore different practices they can use in their personal lives of faith.

This will be hosted on Zoom on Tuesday evenings (7 p.m.) and Thursday mornings (10:30 a.m.), starting next week! For links and more information, please reach out to Alex at minister.brusselsandblythuc@gmail.com, or leave a message at either church office.

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