Ongoing Discipleship and Announcements

“So then let us not fall asleep as others do, but let us keep awake..” (1 Thess. 5:6)

Greetings, all! The Peace of Christ be with you all.

Much as the shortening days and the buzz of activity still ongoing, this community letter is going to be short, but sweet. Our Scripture readings for this week focus on discipleship, and more particularly, the fact that we should not be asleep on what discipleship is going on in our midst. In these times where many things are still closed and altered, we might be lulled into a sense that nothing is happening in our congregations or communities, but there is a lot of creative and earnest discernment still ongoing. Here is some other ongoing work in our congregations:

  • Both churches are taking orders for fruit pies for the holidays. Please contact Jean Davidson for pies from Brussels (519-887-9318), and Sharon Bromley for pies at Blyth (519-523-9421).
  • One of our youth crafts for Advent will involve using egg cartons. If folks have extra egg cartons, please drop them off outside of the Brussels church, or contact me (Alex) for pick-up.
  • There is no online Children’s Time for this week, as we have already gone through our lesson material last weekend for this week’s service. However, previous lessons from the past several weeks are still available for families to pick up or get emailed to them. Reach out to Alex for more details.
    • In future weeks for November, our online youth session has been moved to Sundays at 3:30-4:30 p.m.
  • We are currently determining a lay pastoral/visitation team to help make phone calls, deliver worship materials, and other pastoral needs for congregants going into the winter, ensuring that those who are more isolated are still connected to their church community. If you want to learn more about pastoral care, or if you are wanting to live out your discipleship in this way, reach out to Alex for more information!

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday November 12thJoint Spiritual Growth Meeting at 3 p.m. at Brussels United.

Sunday November 15thChildren’s Sunday service available on Youtube.

Wednesday November 18th – Blyth Ministerial at Blyth United

Wednesday November 18th – Brussels Official Board meeting at Brussels United at 7 p.m. For those who wish to attend remotely, contact Alex for more information.

Sunday November 22nd – Reign of Christ Sunday (last Sunday before Advent)

Wednesday December 9th – Blyth Official Board meeting at Blyth United at 7 p.m. For those who wish to attend remotely, contact Alex for more information.

Blessings and Christ’s Peace be with you all!

Alex Jebson

Student Minister – Blyth and Brussels United Churches


Blyth Office Number: 519-523-4224

Brussels Office Number: 519-887-6259

Emergency Pastoral Number: call/text 705-344-3385

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