Solidarity with our M’ikmaq Siblings

We have witnessed in the past week aggressive expressions of racism and hate towards the M’ikmaq people in Nova Scotia, who are trying to uphold their treaty rights and make a living for themselves and their families. There has been misinformation spread, biases from national sources, and a lack of response from government and law enforcement bodies.

We as a United Church take seriously our call to love God and love our neighbours; to seek justice as we walk humbly with God and with all God’s children. We echo the cries for solidarity and reconciliation, recognizing the rights of the M’ikmaq people to sustainably interact with God’s Creation, as part of a wider movement towards right relations. As Christians, we are to live out our apologies and strive for compassion and wisdom that God provides us.

Region 15, the United Church council that encompasses Nova Scotia, alongside the Moderator (Rt. Rev. Richard Bott) and the Indigenous Ministries Executive Minister (Murray Pruden) are calling on members across the country to pray and advocate alongside our M’ikmaq siblings. Tomorrow (Friday October 23rd) at 1 pm EST, we are invited to pray and reflect as individuals bound together in Christ. You can also read the Moderator and Inidigenous Ministries Minister’s letter to the powers that be. Click here for the prayer and where to download the letter. You may also want to look at the United Church’s other materials in regards to reconciliation and Indigenous right relations.

Feature Photo by Liz Cummings on Unsplash

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