Calling all Nature-Lovers and Artists

Thank you to all of those that braved the threatening clouds and joined us on our youth nature walk on Saturday. It was an enjoyable time, and a great chance to get to know one another and God better through nature.

One of our activities from this event was a nature landscape activity, using materials from Creation to create landscapes that celebrated God’s creativity and care for us and for all.

We are calling on other youth and the young at heart (adults) in our congregation to contribute to our Creation Trail by making their own nature landscapes like the ones you see here! Get creative, and send a photo to Alex at We will edit the photos together to create a horizon of praise and thanks to God for nature, which our congregations can enjoy!

For youth and families that missed out on the event, or any others that want to explore their relationship with God through Creation more deeply, you can download the resource used on Saturday below, or contact Alex for print copies.

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