Welcome to Our Website

Hello, congregants, friends, and friends yet to be made! Blessings to you and yours.

Welcome to the new website for Brussels and Blyth United Churches. This is a labour of love, an experiment in spreading God’s message, and at many times a bit of a headache. Many thanks to Jean-Luc for his expertise and time being put into this website. I’m not saying that I married him for tech support, but it is a great boon for sure!

This is a work in progress. We are very eager to get feedback as we go along as to what is missing, what might need to change for easier use, and what you are enjoying on the site. Please reach out to us at our web admin email: brusselsandblythuc@gmail.com, or stop me on the street and give me an earful.

For current members and adherents, this website will be a place to find services, communications, and events, all in one central place during these physically-distant times. For friends old and new, this website is yet another way to us to build a relationship with you and our communities.

We are called by Christ to go out into the world, and that includes the digital world as well. We pray that all we do in God’s name and in God’s love will benefit all whom God lovingly cares for. And we appreciate the grace and patience the Spirit inspires all of you as we work out some of the issues on this site as we go along.

The Psalmist tells us often to “sing a new song”, and this we shall do in this new medium. So go forth, explore, critique, and help us to sing new and renewed songs on this format.

Yours in Christ, Alex.

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