September Joint Mission: School Supplies

The Spiritual Growth Committee of Brussels and Blyth United Churches has committed
to team up with True North Aid. True North Aid is a non-profit organization devoted to
many projects to assist Northern Indigenous communities. Our original project is to
collect hockey equipment, new and used.

Many Indigenous communities in the far north are isolated, therefore trying to create their own sporting programs. We are not sure about the future of our own sports season at present. If you have any hockey equipment, skates, sticks, etc. that have been outgrown or not in use, please consider donating them to us.

Currently, True North Aid has recently received many requests from Northern Indigenous
communities for school supplies. The school supplies they are asking for are the basic
ones that we all have used such as pencils, paper, pens, backpacks, pencil crayons,
crayons, glue, scissors, binders, rulers, pencil cases, etc. True North Aid will participate
in this program also. So please, when out shopping, pick up something for someone who needs it.

Monetary donations are also very welcome as shipping costs will have to be paid. In
addition, if the Spiritual Growth Committee finds there is a shortage of certain supplies,
those items can be purchased with the donations.

Thank-you on behalf of the Spiritual Growth Committee. If you have any questions
about the program, please call Emily Phillips at 519-523-9517 or 519-357-0406, or Julie Harrison at 519-887-9865. Blessings!

To find out more about True North Aid, please visit

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